Embracing Diversity - Aqua Finance's Commitment

Aqua’s commitment to
diversity & inclusion

Listen to Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Grossheim, on why diversity is
not just the right thing to do, it’s critical for Aqua’s future success.

What diversity & inclusion means at Aqua

We’re committed to celebrating all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual
orientations, ages, religions, abilities, life experiences, and perspectives.
We invest in each other because we win and lose together.

Core to who we are

We are a company that cares about each other. That means we value the diverse voices that enrich Aqua and make us stronger.

An inclusive culture

We embrace mutual respect and encourage every person to bring their true self to work. We perform our best when our unique voice is heard.

Understanding our market

As a national company, Aqua’s diversity gives us the perspective to understand and serve dealers and customers across the country.

Inclusion in Action

Celebrating women’s success at Aqua