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Top 5 water treatment industry trends for 2024

Understanding the key factors expected to drive growth in the water treatment industry in 2024 can help dealers grow their business.

Increasing demand for safe, clean water has led to expectations the U.S. water treatment industry will rise by 7.3% from $2.65B in 2023 to over $4B in 2030 by 2030.1

Five industry trends projected to help drive this expanded consumer demand for water treatment solutions in 2024 are:

1. Rising concerns about municipal water safety:

Concerns that the aging infrastructure of municipal water systems in many parts of the U.S. are not adequately removing contaminants such as pharmaceuticals are expected to rise.2

Key takeaway: Dealers can help address this increased concern by educating customers on the advantages of installing a home water filtration system capable of removing harmful chemicals.

2. Advances in water purification systems:

Media coverage on the dangers of more complex contaminants entering our water systems is expected to lead to an increased demand for more advanced water treatment systems.

Key takeaway: Dealers able to offer the very latest water purification systems and technology to both new customers and those looking to upgrade older systems will benefit.

3. Focus on health benefits:

Concerns over water quality are helping drive market growth.3 In addition, more consumers are expected to want water treatment systems that can improve the health quality and taste of their water by adding beneficial minerals and alkalizing and oxygenating water.4

Key takeaway: Along with providing standard water purification systems, dealers may benefit by offering remineralization systems that can make water healthier and tastier.

4. Growing environmental awareness:

A recent study found a growing desire for sustainable homes, with over half of respondents listing conserving water and eliminating harmful chemicals among their top priorities.5 In addition, an increased awareness of the environmental harm caused by single-use plastic bottles is expected to drive demand for water purification systems and refillable water bottles.6

Key takeaway: This growing environmental concern can benefit both water treatment dealers who offer sustainable systems and those who can promote they deliver drinking water in reusable PET/BPA-free bottles.7

5. Desire for affordable, personal wellness solutions:

An America at Home Study,8 reveals a gap between people’s stated desire for installing sustainable personal wellness solutions such as home water treatment systems and their actions. Contributing to this can be a lack of information on affordable options. One of the key trends in consumer financing for 2024 is expected to be a shift to more personalized solutions.9

Key takeaway: Dealers can benefit by offering individually tailored water treatment products that meet their customer’s unique desires for enhanced wellbeing, along with flexible, affordable financing options.

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