Customer Education: Boosting Business with Aqua

How educating customers can also boost business

With today’s economic and environmental pressures, customer education can help water treatment dealers build both trust with their customers and their bottom line.

A safe, reliable water treatment system is an important investment. So, it’s essential to educate customers so they can make the right decision for their needs. But taking the time to properly explain your recommendation does more than that. “It can help build trust in your brand,” says Ron Pertl, Senior VP and Head of Sales and Marketing and Business Development for Aqua Finance.

With over 30 years in the industry, Ron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help water treatment dealers build their business. We recently sat down with him and asked him to share some advice for the year ahead:

What is one of the most important issues water treatment dealers need to explain to customers?

One of the key things water treatment dealers need to explain to customers is the difference between a point of entry and a point of use solution. As a point of entry system is installed where water enters a home, it needs to deliver better water throughout a home. That means it needs to address all issues – such as iron, sediment, sulfur, and chlorine – for both drinking and washing. A point of use system needs to only target certain issues at a specific location. For example, it may be installed in the kitchen to purify water for drinking or in a basement to soften water for laundry. It’s important for dealers to understand and be able to explain these various water treatment options and solutions to customers. While each system comes with its own benefits, if high purity water is not required throughout the home, a point of use system may provide some customers with a more affordable option.

What do you see as one of the biggest challenges facing the industry in 2023?

Proper training is essential to ensure your sales team understands how to explain the specific health benefits that a water treatment system can provide. Selling water treatment is different from selling other consumer products. You are coming into someone’s home to advise them on something that could impact their health, and one of the biggest challenges is building trust. Ensuring your team has the training to identify the issues and advise your customers on the appropriate treatment will help to build long-term trust.

How can educating customers result in better decision making?

Educating customers both on water treatment solutions and financing options can help ensure they choose the best product for their unique situation. For example, when proposing the best product for a customer’s needs, there’s an opportunity for dealers to educate them on the various product options from good to better to best. By explaining the different product options, a customer may end up choosing a better solution for their needs.

Why should education be a key focus for dealers in 2023?

Focusing on education in 2023 is a win-win for both dealers and customers. It ensures your sales team has the confidence and professionalism they need to clearly convey the right information and to advise customers on the best solutions. This will, in turn, have a positive long-term impact both on building your brand and increasing your sales.

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