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Common questions

It’s easy and convenient to pay using our Payment Portal or by phone at 800-234-3663, option 4, ext. 6091. We also accept checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks by mail to: Aqua Finance, Inc., PO Box 83184, Chicago, IL 60691-0184.

No. As an indirect consumer finance company, we acquire your contract from dealers, contractors, and retailers across the U.S. After your dealer, contractor, or retailer grants you credit and assigns your contract to us, you work with us to manage your payments and address any customer service needs you may have.

To add an authorized person to your account, please contact our Customer Support Department at 800-234-3663, option 4, ext. 6091.

We’re always happy to try to help. If you have an issue with a dealer, contractor, or retailer for a product or service you financed with your account, we encourage you to contact them first so they can attempt to address the issue. If you still have any concerns, please reach out to one of our representatives at 800-234-3663, option 4, ext. 6091.

Yes! We offer Spanish-speaking customer support and can provide you with servicing and collection letters in Spanish. Visit our Contact us page for further details. ¡Si! Nosotros ofrecemos servicio al cliente en español y podemos proporcionar cartas de servicio y cobro en español. Visite nuestra página en Contáctanos para más detalles.

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